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Salary Certificate Attestation in UAE

Salary certificate is a formal document issued by an organization to declare the employment of a person in the organization with full details of salary, position, duties and employment period. Salary certificate will be provided by the higher authority of the organization to its employee upon request of the employee. The reason of getting a salary certificate may have been mentioned in the document and the management approval will be also affixed in the document. But in most situations, it is extremely hard to utilize a salary certificate beyond the limits of providing nation, so first, applicants must confirm their salary certificate before utilizing in an international and the procedure is ordinarily called as a salary certificate attestation. As per the current immigration rules, every migrant workers should submit a salary certificate from the previous company to get a foreign company job. Nowadays, salary certificate attestation is compulsory in every international job fields and every foreign company asks for salary certificate from the previous company as a proof of their employment experience and salary. Salary Certificate Attestation will help foreign officials to check the authenticity of the documents online. The applicants can receive their certificate verification from the concerned embassy, which presented in their country. Attestation is a way to prove the trustworthiness of the certificate and confirms that the particular salary certificate was issued and sealed from the mentioned company. But it cannot easy to obtain a salary certificate attestation from the concerned embassy and some legal processes has been required for that.

Some of the mandatory processes for a salary certificate attestation are listed below.

Step wise procedure for Salary Certificate attestation in UAE

procedure for salary certificate attestation in uae

Applicants should complete all these above mentioned procedures to get their certification in a proper manner. Now, this salary certificate attestation is accepted in almost all international job sectors. But usually the validity of a salary certificate attestation may remain for one year or less. The process of attestation is a crucial method used to check the authenticity of a document in which the embassy officials will declare the credibility of the document by affixing it with their official seal or sign. The use of unattested salary certificate is not allowed in the international job sectors. So if you are planning to get a job in abroad, you must verify your salary certificate for obtaining an abroad job without other legal consequences. After gaining an attestation your salary certificate becomes able to submit in the concerned international job fields. To meet personal and professional goals and desires are the fundamental objectives of this confirmation. Attestation process will add the believability of your certificate.

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