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Nursing Certificate Attestation UAE

Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in UAE. The demand for certified Nurses has grown consistently over the past years. Many government and private hospitals in UAE are hiring nurses from India, Philippines, Egypt etc. According to reports, the average salary for a Registered Nurse in UAE is about 95,000 AED per year.

The salaries for a registered and certified Nurse in the UAE is higher than the average salary for this same occupation in many other countries. This attracts foreign nurses to work in the UAE. If you are a nurse moving to UAE for a better career, you should know how to get your documents ready.

Important documents Which you should not forget taking it with you:

One important thing that you must do during this time is attesting your nursing degree or diploma certificate. Nursing Certificate Attestation is done in order to make your certificate legal for use in UAE.

Following is the procedure for your Nursing Certificate Attestation for UAE:-

To obtain an Employment visa for UAE, you must get your educational and personal certificates attested by the concerned authorities in your country, followed by the attestation from UAE embassy in your country and finally from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. The employer will need your attested certificates in order to process Labor card for their employees. The labor card is a mandatory requirement for all employees in UAE according to the Labor law.

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